On November 20, 2018, the Philippine government announced that it had signed 29 agreements with China during President Rodrigo Duterte’s state visit to Beijing. These agreements covered a variety of areas and signified a significant step forward in the relationship between the two countries.

One of the most notable agreements signed was the Memorandum of Understanding on the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). This initiative, also known as China’s One Belt, One Road project, aims to connect China with Europe, Africa, and other parts of Asia through a network of infrastructure projects. The BRI has been a major focus of China’s foreign policy in recent years, and the agreement with the Philippines is seen as a significant win for China.

Another important agreement was the Memorandum of Understanding on Joint Oil and Gas Development in the South China Sea. This agreement signaled a willingness on the part of the Philippines to work with China on a contentious issue, as both countries have overlapping claims to the South China Sea.

Other agreements signed covered areas ranging from infrastructure development and trade to education and tourism. For example, the two countries agreed to establish a joint tourism coordination committee, with the goal of increasing tourism between them.

Overall, the agreements signed during Duterte’s visit to China were seen as a positive step forward for the Philippines’ relationship with its neighbor. However, some critics expressed concern that the agreements could lead to China exerting undue influence over the Philippines, particularly in the South China Sea.

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